Xtended Content suite

Xtended Content is a suite of modules that provides access to external content from Drupal 8.

Code only

For now, it's a code only approach that provides an API, but no administration interface.

As a consequence, XTC can not be used without creating a custom module.

Example — Drupal as a File CMS

Let's say that, while complex contents are managed through usual Drupal entities, you would like to integrate a few (or many) markdown files into the project: you just don't want to copy-paste 1346 markdown files into 1346 articles because you've got better things to do in your life :-)

A minimum custom module named my_xtc would be made of the usual minimum structure:

  • a plain my_xtc.info.yml file, and
  • a dummy my_xtc.module file with hook_help()
  • a README.md is always appreciated ;-)
  • and a composer.json would be wonderful :-D

Coming to XTC needs, to provide a markdown file as your first resource:

  • content files in a content/ directory
  • a simple my_xtc.module file that would look like:
  label: 'MarkDown file'
  description: ''
  type: 'markdown'
  verb: 'get'
  abs_path: false
  module: 'my_xtc'
  path: 'content/demo.md'

That's it.

A profile per file, seriously?

Yes, you can also define a profile for a directory of content files, or from a webservice, or from ElasticSearch. But that would be different examples.

In fact, the whole idea about XTC, is to be able to change the resource from a Json file to a REST webservice without changing a single line of code.

Stop migrating, start plugging