Guzzle profile

Loading a Guzzle profile

To load an Guzzle client as a service, simply provide the profile name, the helper static function Config::getXtcRequestFromProfile() from \Drupal\xtc\XtendedContent\API\Config.

$profileService = Config::getXtcRequestFromProfile('user_profile');

That does:

public static function getXtcRequestFromProfile($name){
  $profile = \Drupal::service('plugin.manager.xtc_profile')
  $xtcrequest = (New $profile['service']($name));
  if($xtcrequest instanceof AbstractXtcRequest){
  return $xtcrequest;

Config::getXtcRequestFromProfile() returns an instance of AbstractXtcRequest as it is a very high level helper function. When getting a Guzzle profile, we expect the built Client to be using Guzzle - see \Drupal\xtcguzzle\XtendedContent\Serve\XtcRequest\AbstractGuzzleXtcRequest:

protected function buildClient(){
  $this->client = $this->getGuzzleClient();
  return $this;

Then expect get() to behave exactly as your usual Guzzle Client.

$users = $profileService->get('getUserGroupById', $this->groupId)->getData('array');

As get() function from \Drupal\xtc\XtendedContent\Serve\XtcRequest\AbstractXtcRequest is as transparent as possible:

  public function get($method, $param = '')
    try {
      $this->client->init($method, $param);
      $content = $this->client->get();
    } catch (RequestException $e) {
      $content = '';
    return $this;

Plugin definition

This is a Drupal 8 YAML plugin.

Yaml file

The profiles can be defined in a YAML file that follows this pattern: [module_name].xtc_profiles.yml.

The plugin is defined in the Xtended Content (xtc) module: xtc/src/PluginManager/XtcProfile/XtcProfilePluginManager.php.


A Guzzle profile definition looks like this:

  label: 'User profile'
  description: ''
  type: 'guzzle'
  server: 'ldap'
  service: 'Drupal\xtcguzzle\XtendedContent\Serve\XtcRequest\GuzzleXtcRequest'
  method: 'getUserGroupById'

label (string) and description (string) are mandatory for any Drupal 8 plugin definition.

Handler type type (string)

Always use guzzle.

Server server (string)

Provide the name of the XTC server plugin to use.

Service service (string)

Provide the name of the XtcRequest class to build the Guzzle Client.

Method method (string)

Method can be pass to benefit from dynamic functions.

Extending available XtcRequest services list

Any new XtcRequest service should be based on \Drupal\xtcguzzle\XtendedContent\Serve\XtcRequest\AbstractGuzzleXtcRequest.

Example from the GuzzleXtcRequest class:

namespace Drupal\xtcguzzle\XtendedContent\Serve\XtcRequest;

class GuzzleXtcRequest extends AbstractGuzzleXtcRequest