Plugins Helpers

Many Plugins Helpers can be found in the Drupal\xtc\XtendedContent\API namespace:


Abstract class

Loaders provides functions that facilitate access to XTC plugins.

XtcLoaderBase is the abstract classes used to build a Loader class. It provides :

  • getList(): list plugins definitions
  • get(): returns the plugin object
  • load(): returns the plugin definition
  • getService(): returns the name of the service.

Provided loaders

Each Plugin-Manager provided by Xtended Content suite should have a XtcLoader* class based on XtcLoaderBase.

  • XtcLoaderServer: XtcServerDefault
  • XtcLoaderProfile: XtcProfileDefault
  • XtcLoaderHandler: XtcHandlerPluginBase
  • XtcLoaderCache: XtcCachePluginBase

Classes extending PluginBase

They provide get() and load() functions.

  • XtcSearchDisplay
  • XtcSearchFilter
  • XtcSearchFilterType
  • XtcForm
  • XtcHandler
  • XtcElasticaMapping
  • XtcSearchPager
  • XtcProfile
  • XtcRequest
  • XtcServer

Extending the Helpers

Providing a new Helper class can be done that way:

namespace Drupal\xtc\XtendedContent\API;

use Drupal\xtcsearch\PluginManager\XtcSearchDisplay\XtcSearchDisplayDefault;

class XtcSearchDisplay extends PluginBase

  public static function get($name): XtcSearchDisplayDefault{
    return parent::get($name);

  protected static function getService() : string {
    return 'plugin.manager.xtcsearch_display';
  • Make sure to define the right return type to the get() function.
  • Define the Plugin Manager service in the getService() function.


The ToolBox Helper class is used to provide Xtended Content suite with plain tool static functions.

For now:

  • replaceAccents()
  • transliterate()
  • toCssClass()
  • buildId()
  • getPrefix()
  • getSuffix()
  • getPlugins()
  • getPluginDefinitions()
  • splitPipe()