XTC Plugins

4 plugin managers are defined in xtc.

xtc_handler plugin manager

Service: plugin.manager.xtc_handler

8 plugins are provided by xtcfile:

  • csv
  • html
  • json
  • markdown
  • mkdocs
  • readme
  • text
  • yaml

xtc_profile plugin manager

Service: plugin.manager.xtc_profile

4 disabled plugins examples are provided by xtcelastica in xtcelastica.xtc_profiles.yml.dist:

  • account-by-id
  • known-doc
  • index-doc
  • unindex-doc

6 disabled plugins examples are provided by xtcfile in xtcfile.xtc_profiles.yml.dist:

  • test_text
  • test_html
  • test_csv
  • test_yaml
  • test_json
  • test_md

As a complement, xtcfile module implements dynamic profiles to provide:

  • In-line Readme files in the Drupal administration area: used for all existing modules.
  • In-line Documentation based on MkDocs standards: used in the xtc module.
  • A API function that can be used to write the module Help page in a help/help.md file: used in every xtc modules.

xtc_cache plugin manager

Service: plugin.manager.xtc_cache

xtc_server plugin manager

Service: plugin.manager.xtc_server

1 disabled plugin example is provided by xtcelastica in xtcelastica.xtc_servers.yml.dist.

This plugin helps to describe a server that can be used by other plugins such as xtcelastica, xtcguzzle or xtcsearch.